Calming the Waters


Coordinated Measures

Whether you are a government or corporate entity, a critical crisis jeopardizes your public perception, integrity, and even your economic productivity.  Your crisis response plan must integrate all necessary disciplines.  Inconsistent implementation can result in a critical failure.  And critical failure can result in a CED.  Enviro-Crisis works behind the scenes, helping you coordinate your internal and external stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcome.

Protecting Your Integrity

The old adage, "Timing is everything!" is a core principle in a critical crisis.  Confounding factors may include the need to initiate response, publicly acknowledge the issue, confidentially address hard issues, develop root cause conclusions, and who to engage as your public spokesman.  Early denials and late admissions can each cause critical loss of integrity.  The CEO needs to enter the stage at critical points without jeopardizing its credibility.  Enviro-Crisis can help you address each of these difficult questions.

Verifying Implementation

Root cause investigations are absolute necessities, yet they are fraught with pitfalls.  Frequently, the personnel involved in the crisis event are players in the root cause assessment.  Consultants who depend on those personnel for future engagements may soften the blow of the investigation.  Enviro-Crisis has the experience to work efficiently and smoothly with your personnel and consultants, yet confidentially advise you of any perceived issues.  The goal is integrity.